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We are switching our new site to a larger server so it will be faster and more efficient. This website is temporary, but is secure for placing orders. Thank You! -Happy Vaping Pink Spot Vapors - Happy Vaping! This juice will hit the spot!

Pink Spot Vapors - Happy Vaping! This juice will hit the spot!

** All international orders will be held for 7-10 business days before they are processed due to all the recent fraudulent activity overseas. We appreciate your understanding and thanks for your business.**

Key-Lime-Pie-E-Liquid-Refill-Image Creme-De-Menthe-E-Liquid-Refill-Image
This pie is the key to satisfying your sweet tooth. Yummy! This perfectly smooth flavor is perfect to share with a loved one.
Alberberry-Blend-E-Liquid-Refill-Image Outlaw-555-E-Liquid-Refill-Image
This is a blissful 5 berry blend with a smooth tobacco undertone. This flavor was inspired by David Albers himself. David was voted "the sexiest man on the Sunset Strip" 3 weeks in a row in the late 80s. Boom! Instant street cred. If you enjoy a really good 555 blend ejuice.. The "Outlaw" will stop you in your tracks. Consider yourself warned: You will not be able to put this e-liquid down.
Black-Mamba-E-Liquid-Refill-Image Peach-Pit-Tobacco-E-Liquid-Refill-Image
Like the snake, this martini inspired e-liquid has some serious bite ! A fierce blend of multiple flavors headlined by blackberry and a smooth cranberry flavor with a splash of citrus. A perfect peach flavor with a slight undertone of tobacco. A very nice subtle vape that you can enjoy all day. Happy Vaping!
Cherry-Limeade-E-Liquid-Refill-Image Swagger-E-Liquid-Refill-Image
Swagger E-Liquid Refill
Our Price: $5.95
Sonic's slushes' have got nothing on our Cherry Limeade I am not saying you HAVE to scream from your rooftop that this is the best e-liquid, smoothest and most flavorful tobacco based flavor you have ever tried. I am not saying you NEED to tell everyone you know, put it on billboards and post on every forum you can find. I am not saying you NEED to make YouTube videos about this flavor even though you can barely use a computer...I am just saying you will.
Sinna-Pear-E-Liquid-Refill-Image Sample-Pack-E-Liquid-Refill-Image
A blend of juicy pear and cinnamon flavors right from Sin City make Sinna Pear a flavor you will not be able to put down. Figure out which flavors are going to be your favorite! Mix & Match Gourmet and Signature Flavor E-Juices and Nicotine Levels. Our 6ml sample pack is designed to let you sample multiple flavors and different nicotine strengths to find out what will be your everyday flavor!
Surf Rider
Our Price: $5.95
The Hawaiians refer to Surf Rider eLiquid as “dew from the heavens.” A refreshing Coconut Water with a splash of Blue Raspberry with a hint of Menthol. Cantaberry Crush is a perfect blend of cantaloupe and strawberry with a perfect hint of cool menthol. A very tasty light flavor that you can vape all day.
Snowmans-Kiss-E-Liquid-Refill-Image Sub-Zero-E-Liquid-Refill-Image
Cool Peppermint combined with Cool Menthol and blended together like only Pink Spot can. This eJuice is cooler than the Fonz This vape is cooler than the cast of Oceans 11. Cool, minty, mentholated tobacco blend.
Orange-Cream-Soda-E-Liquid-Refill-Image Topless-Beach-E-Liquid-Refill-Image
If you like Orange Cream Soda, you will LOVE this. This dreamy combination of Banana and Peach will make it almost impossible to keep the top on the bottle.
Grape-Expectations-E-Liquid-Refill-Image Skiwi-Torte-E-Liquid-Refill-Image
Multiple flavors blended together with a delicious Grape base makes this eJuice an instant classic. Skiwi Torte is the perfect blend of ripe strawberries and fresh kiwi served in a fancy torte.
Warning: You may gather new high society friends that carry their dogs in purses when vaping this. (Yeah, its that fancy)
RY8-E-Liquid-Refill-Image Pink-Spot-E-Liquid-Refill-Image
RY8 E-Liquid Refill
Our Price: $5.95
RY8 is Pink Spot Vapors take on the popular RY4 flavor. The difference is the RY8 is simply twice as good ! A tempting fusion of flavors sure to hit the spot. Flavor fusion includes hints of Raspberry, Pineapple and Lime.


Pink Spot Vapors eJuice should be kept in a secure location that is inaccessible to children and pets at all times. Pink Spot Vapors eJuice and eLiquid may contain "nicotine" which can be poisonous or lethal if ingested or inhaled in large amounts. Moreover, please note also that small amounts of nicotine can be poisonous or lethal if ingested by children or pets. If such unintended ingestion occurs, especially by children or pets, please contact your local poison control center or seek medical attention immediately. We appreciate your business and your responsibility in this matter. Thank you and happy vaping!